Last night on TNA iMPACT, we saw the long awaited debuts of 2 new superstars in TNA: “Junior Fatu” (formerly RIKISHI) and “Judas Mesias” (formerly Ricky Banderas).

During the show, Jim Cornette interrupted an in-ring promo by Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tomko. Cornette said that since Christian and his crew have been unfairly attacking Samoa Joe, Cornette had a Samoan surprise for Christian. He said next week on iMPACT, Christian will have to face – JUNIOR FATU. Cue the corny music and out walks the man formerly known as RIKISHI in WWE.

Announcer Mike Tenay acknowledged Junior Fatu’s former identity and referred to him as “the man formerly known as Rikishi”. Junior Fatu has been in talks with TNA for over a year and the two sides had previously been unable to come to terms about money, but that problem has clearly been solved. It is said that TNA wanted to call him something like “Keesh” (as he’s known backstage) but did not want to risk a lawsuit from WWE. The name “Junior Fatu” was reportedly decided on the day of the TV tapings.

Later on in the evening, Kurt Angle faced Abyss in a 6 Sides of Steel cage match. At the end of the match, a man tore through the ring apron from under the ring. The TNA announcers identified the huge wrestler as Judas Mesias – the son of manager Jim Mitchell who we’ve seen promos of for weeks. He is a very large individual who had completly white eyes and blood pouring from his mouth. Mesias delivered a brutal attack to Abyss, leaving him bloodied and in a heap of broken glass.

Judas Mesias is the man formerly known as Ricky Banderas on the indy circuit. He was the MTV Wrestling Society X champion before it went under after only one season.

Both Junior Fatu and Judas Mesias will be in action next week on iMPACT! Fatu will take on Christian and Mesias will face Eric Young.

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