TNA Wrestling’s “TNA Mobile” text messaging service sent out a news alert last night. Below are the hilights:

– TNA will make a major announcement this Sunday at the No Surrender PPV. TNA actually does have a good track record of delivering when hyping up an “industry changing announcement”. Past “major announcements” have been iMPACT! moving to SpikeTV as well as the signings of Christian and Kurt Angle.

– TNA is currently negotiating with a former world champion about bringing them into the company. With so many big names currently not under WWE contract, it’s no surprise they are trying to sign another big name for when TNA iMPACT! expands to 2 hours next month.

– Regarding TNA merchandise, TNA collectors edition and Ultimate X ring by Marvel Toys are in stores now. Target is now carrying TNA action figures. TNA will debut new merchandise such as superstar posters and blankets soon.

TNA’s MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT Revealed! Plus, WHO is TNA in talks with? Flair? RVD? Lesnar? Jericho? Big Show?