source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As reported earlier, Judas Mesias got injured at a show in Mexico last week. What happened is that he placed his opponent on a table outside the ring. He jumped from the top of a ladder placed in the ring to the outside floor. However, he missed hitting his opponent on the table and fell straight to the floor, which knocked him out cold. Still no word yet on his condition. You can see a fan-shot video of his jump at this link.

— There’s going to be a big wrestling convention/PPV show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco during the weekend of October 19. DirecTV, TVN and inDemand will be carrying the PPV. Several of the names being advertised are under contract to TNA, and TNA wrestlers are expressedly prohibited from appearing on non-TNA pay-per-views. The show is advertising Nash & Hall vs. Sid & mystery partner (who is hinted at being Goldberg even though Goldberg has said time and time again that he is likely done with wrestling), Team 3D vs. Steiners, Corino vs. Sandman, Muta vs. Ultimo Dragon, Greg Valentine & Dr. Death vs. Koko B. Ware & Beefcake vs. Kamala & One Man Gang vs. Warlor & Barbarian, Gail Kim vs. Tracy Brooks, Abyss vs. Shark Boy, Rikishi vs. Black Pearl (his cousin), Mil Mascaras vs. Rey Misterio Sr., Luke Hawx & Al Katrazz vs. Orlando Jordan & Kidman, and a match between Vampiro & Vic Grimes.

— Fifth row seats are currently available at for next month’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view in Atlanta.

See a photostrip of Judas Mesias missing his mark in ladder fall (>>)