What do you do when you’ve worn every shade and style of pantsuit under the sun? You switch to a caftan, of course.

Hillary and Bill Clinton made an increasingly rare public appearance on Sunday at a star-studded wedding in N.Y.C. (There were balloons present, so you know Bill was game.)

With her presidential campaign long over, the former Secretary of State appeared ready to introduce some whimsy into her otherwise pantsuit-centric wardrobe.

Hillary took the joyous occasion as an opportunity to reveal a new dimension to her personal style, arriving at the downtown venue in a robin’s egg blue caftan and silver kitten heels, nary a bold-hued pantsuit in sight.

You’ll notice that the former First Lady is smiling widely in pretty much every photo taken of her at the event, as is her husband.

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There’s a twinkle in her eyes, a spring in her step, and we just can’t shake the suspicion that Hillary’s happier than ever before.

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Bring on the caftans.