sources: Wrestling Observer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Gail Kim is auctioning off some ring outfits and autographs on eBay. Click here to see her auction page.

Impact did a 1.0 cable rating last night, which is pretty much in line with what the show usually does.

Regarding the Chris Harris vs. James Storm TNA Lockdown PPV last month, when they got to the building, they had blindfolds like you would give a kid hitting a pinata. They weren’t satisfied with that so they ended up buying material just a few hours before match time. TNA didn’t have a seamstress on hand like in the case of WWE, but luckily for them, Johnny Devine knew how to sew. He made the makeshift hoods, but obviously not well enough as they kept falling of during the match.

Picture of Matt Hardy holding a TNA belt in public! (>>)