Former F1 driver Mark Webber is wondering if Jenson Button is taking his one-off return to Formula 1 in Monaco ‘seriously enough’.

Button we be subbing for Indy 500-bound Fernando Alonso in the Principality, and has ramped-up his physical preparation for the glitzy event while also getting acquainted with McLaren’s new-spec car in the team’s simulator.

But the fact that he did not test the MCL32 at Bahrain when the opportunity arose has Webber scratching his head and questioning the 2009 world champion’s commitment.

“When I heard that he (Button) wouldn’t do the Bahrain test, I wondered if he was taking it seriously enough,” Webber told Speed Week.

“For me, if he’s doing a triathlon in America rather than a test in Bahrain, I think first practice in Monaco will be a wake-up call for him.

“I just get the impression that he doesn’t really care about it,” the former Red Bull driver added.

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But Webber said Button’s return is little more than a sideshow anyway, amid McLaren-Honda’s crisis and the title fight between Ferrari and Mercedes.

“It’s a non-story,” he said.

“He’ll drive, have problems with the fuel system, qualify 16th, retire after 12 laps or whatever. What’s the point? Jenson is a world champion. He has won at Monaco.

“It would be a story if he could fight for the win, but to get a point if he’s lucky, that really doesn’t interest anyone,” Webber added.


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