Jolyon Palmer and Fernando Alonso were involved in another on-track spat at Monza, but the Renault driver has brushed off the Spaniard’s criticism of his driving.

Palmer and Alonso were at loggerheads after the Belgian Grand Prix a week ago after the former accused the latter of forcing him off the track, a move which warranted no punishment according to the stewards at Spa.

The pair were once again stepping over each other on Sunday but this time it was Alonso’s turn to  protest Palmer’s driving.

The Renault driver was wheel to wheel with the McLaren when he skipped the second chicane and did not yield the position back to his rival, which drew Alonso’s ire.

“I was ahead coming in the corner, he braked super late and forced me off the track,” Palmer told Sky Sports.

“I’m sure it will be another talking point at the next race because Fernando is not very happy about it but I don’t care.”

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Openly annoyed with Palmer’s move, Alonso incessantly asked about the British driver’s fate. When told he had retired, Alonso responded with ‘karma’ over the radio, only to race himself into retirement later in the race.

“It’s what I thought might happen,” added Palmer.

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“We had a big meeting [at Monza] and if someone is on the inside you know you can just release the brakes.

“You are ahead at the apex, sure, but the other guy has nowhere to go apart from crash or cut the corner. I cut the corner, came back on side-by-side, and made it in the next corner.”

Palmer ran as high as P11 on Sunday and believes he could have targeted a top-10 finish without his retirement and time penalty.

“We were looking pretty good in the race, then the five seconds in the stop put us quite a long way back.

“The pace we had was good, quicker than all those in that group up to the edge of the points, it’s just a shame that on the super-soft [in the second stint] I didn’t get the chance to catch and overtake some people.”

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