— The past few issues of WWE Magazine have featured print ads for 80tees.com. WWE and the company are working together for readers of WWE Magazine to get an exclusive 20% discount on 80tees.com, which is valid until November 30, 2008. It’s interesting to note that in the print ad noting the discount for WWE Magazine readers, a TNA Knockout is featured. TNA backstage announcer Lauren Thompson is shown in the ad wearing a “Kiss” T-shirt. Thompson does modeling work on the side, and it’s pretty much how she landed her gig with TNA. You can see the ad featuring Lauren at the following link. Lauren isn’t the only Knockout to be seen in WWE Magazine this year. In the February 2008 edition of WWE Magazine, former TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde appeared in the the “Sexy Superfan of the Month” feature, appearing under the name of “Shantelle M.” Wilde was released from her WWE developmental contract just a few months before her appearance in the magazine, so it would appear that the magazine staff were completely unaware to her previously being under contract to their company.

— As noted earlier, Karen Angle’s bio & pictures are still featured on the TNA website, despite numerous reports of her departing the company. Her bio & pictures were briefly pulled, which pretty much confirmed her departure from TNA. However, her material was then put back on the site a few days later. Of course, TNA just released their “Knocked Out” DVD on the Knockouts of TNA, which features Karen on the cover. Once the promotional blitz for the DVD runs its course, her bio & photos will likely be pulled from the site again, reports PWInsider.com. We have heard nothing on Karen staying with TNA, so it definitely looks like she’s done with the company.

— Speaking of TNA’s “Knocked Out” DVD, it managed to chart on Billboard‘s Video Sales – Recreational Sports DVD chart. The TNA Knockouts DVD debuted at No. 5. Although, it finished behind the DVD release for the WWE Unforgiven pay-per-view, which was released the same week. However, TNA DVDs rarely appear on Billboard charts, so by their standards, the DVD can probably be considered a success. You can see the complete Billboard chart at the following link.

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