Source: Alex Hernandez

Here are the complete TNA iMPACT! tapings results for this Thursday night on Spike TV:

*The Motor City Machineguns defeated TNA X-Division champ Sheik Abdul Bashir & Sonjay Dutt. Kurt Angle hits the ring and lays out Dutt and the Guns. He grabs the ring mic and says he’s going to take out every talent in the company until he gets his hands on Jeff Jarrett inside a ring again. Until then, the blood is on Jarrett’s hands.

*Jeremy Borash interviews Kevin Nash, who reminds everyone of the old saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Nash said that 10 months ago, Joe disrespected Nash and Scott Hall and that Nash just bided his time. He warned everyone that the old Kevin Nash is back and he’s all about Nash now.

*TNA champion Sting came out and said that at Bound for Glory, Samoa Joe was the better man but because of his disrespect, now Sting is the World champion. Sting said that after the match, some of the wrestlers shook his hands, but some, like AJ Styles, didn’t. Styles comes out and says that if Sting would actually listen, then perhaps he’d earn some respect. Styles said that he’s on the road making money while Sting sits at home spending his. Sting says that AJ once told him he didn’t like the way his father raised him and if he keeps on making decisions like the ones he has, AJ will turn into his father. Styles slaps Sting, who says he will let that one slide. Styles tells him not to and slaps him again. They brawl until security breaks it up.

*Booker T defeated LAX’s Hernandez.

*Kurt Angle came out and attacked Dave Penzer (yay!), then began laying out security and referees. Jeff Jarrett came out and told Angle that he had him at Bound for Glory and Jeff isn’t going to do it again. He tells Angle to let it go. Angle asks Jarrett if he remembers the time Angle visited his home when Jeff was signing Angle and wonders if Jeff’s daughters need a visit from “Uncle Kurt.” Jarrett loses it and tries to go after Angle, who mocks him and walks off.

*Mick Foley comes out to address the Impact Zone. He says that for the last 23 years, he’s been a junkie – a roller coaster junkie. He says when he was on the road, he would always look for roller coasters to try and ride the next coaster. Foley says that life in wrestling is like coasters and the last few weeks have been one of the greatest rides of his life. He says he wishes it would have lasted a little longer. Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed and AJ Styles come out to congratulate him. As Foley leaves, Jeff Jarrett meets him on the stage, shakes his hand and they leave together.

*Jim Cornette calls from Las Vegas and announces that since Angle is out of control and looking for a fight, he can wrestle Matt Morgan tonight on Impact.

*Roxxi defeated Raisha Saeid but was laid out by Awesome Kong after the match.

*Kevin Nash defeated Consequences Creed. Nash takes the mic and says the “New Generation” of guys like Creed, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles are either the most arrogant or the most stupid people he’s ever met. Nash turns to the crowd and tells them that he is the smartest man in the wrestling business and it must kill the fans to know their wives all want him. He said the fans may not like him, but they better learn to love him because he’s the best thing going today.

*Backstage, Jeremy Borash catches Mick Foley coming out of Jeff Jarrett’s office and they tease that he and Jeff may have come to a new deal to keep Foley in TNA.

*Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan. He continues to beat down Morgan until Abyss hits the ring. Angle attacks him and busts Abyss open, putting him in the ankle lock.

*Jeremy Borash catches Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley leaving together in a car for Las Vegas. Foley announces he’s going to make a declaration next week that will change the wrestling world.


*Jay Lethal & Petey Williams defeated The Rock N’ Rave Infection. *Christy Hemme defeated Velvet Sky.

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