The Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 TEAM celebrated its third consecutive Constructors title with both the Birxworth and Brackley factories joining in the festivities.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were alongside Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda for a joyful gathering and champagne reception with all the personnel from the engine and chassis factories.

“Standing here with the Constructors’ trophy, with the two stars that will become three in December, is such a proud moment,” said Toto Wolff.

” It’s really a great achievement what we have done in the last three years. I met Ross Brawn a few weeks ago. We had a coffee and he told me that what makes him so proud of this organisation is that we could easily have dropped the ball.

“But all of us, together, have kept that ball up for three years in a row now – and that’s quite an achievement. It’s a great honour to work with all of these guys and girls.”

Both drivers chimed in and paid tribute to the troops.

“I tell you what, it never gets old being up here, seeing all of these faces, ” enthused Hamilton.

“What a joy it’s been, being part of this team. I’m incredibly proud to drive the cars that all of these guys and girls have built. Each of the past three years, Nico and I have without doubt had not just the best cars on the grid but the best cars we’ve ever driven.

“We owe all of them so much. As drivers, we’re just one small link in the chain. All the hard work everyone has put in to get us where we are is just remarkable. As a racing driver, this is what we dream of having – the beasts that they’ve built.”

“I’ve been here since day one of this project in 2010,” added Rosberg. “And it’s really phenomenal the journey we’ve taken together towards being the best team in Formula One, making history along the way and re-writing the record books.

“What we’ve achieved together is mind-blowing and I’m really, really proud to have played my small part in that. Thanks to all of these people, our job as drivers is even more enjoyable out there, which is saying something! “

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