Kendall Jenner gave us an exciting “first look” at her latest ad for Adidas Originals on Thursday, and we have some questions (to say the least).

In Jenner’s clip, the model sleeps in a clear prism/incubator (insert correct sci-fi term here). As she opens her eyes, the transparent holding area opens and Jenner sits up, exposing her abs in an Adidas cropped tee ($35;, bikini-cut underwear, and a classic pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers ($100;

So, umm, is Kendall a cyborg? Is she a Passenger (à la Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence)? What’s going on here?

After checking in with Adidas’s Instagram page, we found a more comprehensive look at the ad, and, um, we’re still pretty confused.

In Adidas’s version, the clip features a voiceover from Jenner, saying, “I did what I had to do. I faced it all and I stood tall.”

Then, the camera pans to the brand ambassador lying down and opening her eyes, and the dialogue begins coming directly from Jenner’s mouth. “I did it my way,” she says, her voice echoing within the translucent prism.

It’s all a little eerie, but then the ad takes a very unexpected turn and projects an image of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus across the model, her position mirroring Kendall’s.

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So … Kendall Jenner is really Venus, the goddess of love? Is that our takeaway? They’re both pretty into freeing the nipple, so maybe Adidas is onto something.