John Cena recently returned from England, as evidenced by a new interview that he did with Deco Drive. In the interview, Cena is asked about the upcoming RAW Reunion. The Monday supershow is set to feature upwards of 30 WWE returns.

Cena hinted that he’s considered popping into the flagship program

They say it’s going to be one of the biggest RAWs of all time. And it’s certainly memorable. Um… we’ll see?

Cena then did his classic “You Can’t See Me” salute.

Our interview with @JohnCena is 🔥!

We talked to him about his upcoming movie, #PlayingWithFire, but for all you #JohnCena wrestling 🤼‍♂️ fans out there — we asked if he’ll show up at #RAWReunion on Monday. 🤔

Catch our interview tonight on Deco!

— Deco Drive (@decodrive) July 18, 2019