WWE Smackdown Results
December 11, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick off tonight’s SmackDown Live in a huge way with the debut of 205 Live’s, Mustafa Ali, but first, let’s hear from the champ. Bryan said last week he came out and called the fans sheep. The first thing he wants to do is to apologize, he would like to apologize to the sheep as they don’t deserve to be compared to these idiots.

Bryan said they aren’t the ones destroying the earth, there is no such thing as a carbon hoof print, so they are not sheep, but are instead more like parasites (is Chris Jericho back?). Bryan then drops the Fickle line again to silence the crowd. He says they take and take and expect nothing in return, especially in Las Vegas.

He says fans latched on to the old Daniel Bryan as the people lived vicariously through him, but the old Daniel Bryan is dead and the Yes Movement is too. He said now they reside on the couch in the house that AJ Styles built, but Bryan said he is going to crush his dreams of becoming champion again on Sunday.

Bryan said that sometimes we don’t know whether you are stupid, or if people pull the wool over their eyes so they don’t need to know the facts of what is going on. But as Bryan continues to rant he is cut off by the Heart and Soul of 205 Live… Mustafa Ali!

Ali introduces himself but Bryan cuts him off and says he knows who he is. He said he knows they are supposed to have a match but he invites him into the ring and introduces him to the fans, saying he is an incredible performer. Bryan adds that he sees a lot of himself in Ali and he said that they don’t need to have this match as after it the people won’t care and that the fickle people don’t deserve this match.

Mustafa asks what happened to Bryan. He said that Daniel inspired him and made him believe as did all the guys on 205 Live as he was the underdog who stood toe to toe with any giant. Ali states that the old Daniel Bryan would want to fight and that is what he wants.

Bryan then asks what car he drives, to which Ali says he drives an SUV, and Bryan questions why a small, small man would want to ride in that and as he tries to explain Bryan just slaps him and calls him ignorant, but Ali fights back and sends the champion flying out of the ring and then dives off the top turnbuckle to take him out, here we go!

Back from the break and the match has officially begun as Daniel Bryan is in control lighting up Ali with his famous kicks in the corner of the ring. Bryan then continues his attack, wearing Ali down by attacking the legs and slowing the pace of the match.

Welcome to #SDLive, @MustafaAliWWE… @WWEDanielBryan pic.twitter.com/FO7SoJ0jt9

— WWE (@WWE) December 12, 2018

Ali finally avoided one of Bryan’s kicks and was quick to hit a flurry of his own, which he followed with a baseball slide. However, Ali was then caught out again as he dove over the ropes with the champion moving and following Mustafa by throwing him face first into the ring post.

Following another commercial, Bryan had the Yes Lock set but the 205 Live star was able to reach the ropes to break the hold. The attack continues though as Bryan gets Mustafa in the tree of woe and hits his kicks before a running dropkick.

The WWE Champion then takes Ali to the top rope but Mustafa is able to reverse and Bryan then misses wildly with a running dropkick as Ali begins lighting up Bryan’s chest with chops and hits an incredible tornado DDT after diving from the top rope.

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Don’t take your 👀 off #TheHeartAndSoulOf205Live @MustafaAliWWE… even if you’re the NEW @WWEDanielBryan! #SDLive pic.twitter.com/j0pO4RSr9N

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) December 12, 2018

Ali then attempts to hit the 054 but Bryan avoided it and followed up by bouncing Ali’s left leg off the ring post relentlessly which he follows with a chop block and then the Heel Hook which is too much for Ali who submits.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Following the match Bryan continues his attack on the ring entrance, locking in the Heel Hook one more time as more officials come to break them up.

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