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DECEMBER, 9th, 2019


We kickstart the show with Jerry Lawler in the ring as he reveals that Rusev and Lana’s relationship is at the point of no return, and tonight he will oversee the signing of their divorce contract. Lana turns up with a lawyer and they hand over a letter revealing that the restraining order has been lifted for this moment.

However, it is only the distance section of that law that has been lifted, everything else remains. Lana says she has to be honest, and she tells him that she used to love him so much. Lana says she loved him when the WWE Universe didn’t.

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She continues, stating that Rusev became just another statistic as the fame and fortune and people chanting “Rusev Day,” it got to his head. Lana then blames the WWE Universe for making their marriage fail, but Rusev chimes in and tells her to calm down.

Rusev shows the clip from what happened last week, and Lana responds by saying that Rusev will never find someone like her again. Rusev says he doesn’t like her, so why would he want another. Rusev wants to get to the point (don’t we all) and sign the divorce papers.

Rusev tries to sign them first, but Lana grabs them and states it will be her first and states that she will be taking their dog. Lana signs, but Rusev doesn’t do it straight away. He says he wants something first, which leads Lana to claim he wants to have sex again.

Rusev says that isn’t what he wants, instead he wants a match with Bobby Lashley, which leads to him coming out. Lashley says it is ridiculous and then reveals that when the divorce is over, he will ask her to marry him. Rusev says he doesn’t care and eventually signs the papers, but Lashley ends up slamming his head onto the table.

The fight then spills to the outside as Lashley dominates, but when they get back to the ring Lashley eats a Machka Kick as Rusev then plants him through the table.

Life is like a hurricane for @fightbobby & @LanaWWE thanks to @RusevBuL!#RAW pic.twitter.com/jOzKz6VgDv

— WWE (@WWE) December 10, 2019


Kevin Owens is asked why he was attacked and he says it was easy to figure out, AOP attacked him because Seth Rollins told them to do it. He thinks the reason is that he was the only one who told him he was full of crap. KO says he was lucky to get away, but tonight that will be a problem for AOP, and he is going to go look for them.

KO walks around and bumps into Rey Mysterio, and he says he has KO’s back, but Owens says he can’t accept that. Rey then interrupts him and again says that he has Owens back, handing him his trusty steel pipe.

It appears @FightOwensFight just found himself an equalizer for when he finds @Akam_WWE & @RezarWWE…

Thanks, @reymysterio! #RAW pic.twitter.com/jjLnm8AWWM

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) December 10, 2019

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