Rajah.com reader Jenny Beatty sent in the following report:

Just got back from the RAW Show at the Jaffa Shrine in Altoona, PA

Tony Chimel welcomes us to the show and says that we were to chose the main event stipulation between: Falls anywhere, 2/3 falls, and No DQ.

Lance Cade def D’Lo Brown

The finish saw D’lo missing his Lo Down, and Cade winning w/ a Sit-out Powerbomb.

Jimmy Curtis def. Matt Striker
Before the match, Striker trashed Altoona, and said he would defeat a new Jimmy Curtis, having his “first-ever WWE match”. Curtis won w/ a Backslide

WWE Diva Tag Team Kelly Kelly, Mickey James def Beth Phonenix and Katie Lee

Mickie came out w/ some kid that won “manager of the night”. Mickie countered a suplex into her DDT for the win by pinning Beth Phonenix.

Santino came out to comfort Beth on her loss, saying he would retire someone who should have retired long ago, and trashed Altoona

Hacksaw Jim Duggan def. Santino
Santino was helping Beth out of the ring, Duggan runs up w/ his 3-point clothesline, and that’s it. About a 4-second match. Afterwards, Beth kissed Santino, and he fell over. Beth carried Santino back on her shoulders

The “hostess” Layla was in the ring saying thanks and all that crap. Jamie Noble came out and asked her out. After making Jamie promise no trouble, she said yes. Then Kane came out.

Kane def. Jamie Noble
Kane wins about a 10 second match, Chokeslamming Jamie after he was pummeling him on the turnbuckle.

Kofi Kingstown def Paul Burchil for the Internation Championship
Kofi won w/ the “Trouble in Paradise”.

John Cena and Cryme Tyme def. Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase-Cade at ringside
Before the match, Cade was saying how Jericho doesn’t get the respect he deserves and if he didn’t get it they would leave and there would be no match.Jericho was saying how beat up HBK and Shawn will never be back because of him. Jericho went on to say he hated liars thiefs and cheaters. Match was won when Cena pinned Jericho after Jericho tried to hit him with a tag belt and missed by hitting Cade.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship, no DQ.
CM Punk def Bastista and JBL in triple threat
Before match JBL trashed Altoona and wouldn’t let Tony Chimel announce his opponents, was rather commical. Match started by Punk and Bastista teaming up against JBL. JBL was outside ring pretending to be out and would get up and look around and when Punk/Cena would look that way he would lay back down quick until he took advantage of the two beating each other up. Long match w/ the microphone, the belt, and two chairs all being used. Finish saw Punk hitting Batista and JBL with a chair and Punk pinning JBL. After the match Batista gave Punk a Bastista bomb and left.

1) Batista
2) Cena
3) Cryme Tyme

1) Jericho
2) Santino
3) Striker

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