Report by: Darrell White, reader

Out comes Matt Stryker to welcome us to the WWESuper Show from Jacksom
TN. The crowd is really hot. Stryker introduces the RAW, GM, AJ Lee.
AJ skips down to the ring to a loud pop. Before she can say two
words, she is interrupted by the World champ’s music. Out comes CM
Punk to a mixed reaction. Punk comes out a runs down the city city
and the locals. The mixed reaction is now a chorus of boo’s and you
suck. Punk informs the crowd that Cena is not here tonight. More
boos. The reason that Cena is not here is because Punk hurt Cena,
just like Punk will do to anyone else who gets in Punk’s way. Since
Cena is not here, Punk has no opponent which means that Punk is taking
the night off. AJ interrupts and says that actually Punk does have an
oppenent. Tonight in Jackson TN, CM Punk will face RYBACK for the
title. The crowd comes unglued. Moster sized Feed Me More chants.
AJ skips to the back. Punks eventually leaves after protesting for a
couple of minutes.

Match # 1: Team Hell No vs Prime Time Players for the Tag Team Titles
– Great match overall. Team Hell No was totally over with the crowd.
Plenty of good back and forth action. Team Hell No was on the verge
of imploding multiple times, but was able to secure the victory.
Daniel forces D. to tap out via the No Lock.

Winners – Team Hell No. After the match,Team Hell No finally hugged
it out. They turned and played to the fans while holding up their
titles. Daniel Bryan grabbed Kane’s title and scurried to the top of
the ramp, where Daniel proclaimed that He was the World Tag Team

Match # 2 : IC Championship Match – Santino vs Miz. Decent match with
Miz getting the win with the scull crushing finale. Miz attacks
Santino after the match. Out comes Kofi Kingston. Santino hits Miz
with the cobra, followed Trouble in Paradise from Kofi.

Match # 3: Divas Match Layla vs Kaitlyn – Crowd was hot for Layla
during here entracnce, but crowd was dead for the match itself. Layla
worked over Kaitlyn’s injured ankle and acted very cocky during the
match (heel turn, perhaps?) Layla by forcing Kaitlyn to tap out.

Match # 4 : Sheamus vs Big Show for the WWE Title. This one was a
fan’s choice match. Fan’s voted to make this one a last mana standing
match. Out comes Big Show to huge heat. Sheamus out next to a huge
pop. Great match with plent of action from start to finish. Sheamus
finall nailed Big Show wih the Brogue Kick, to which Big Show was
unable to answer the 10 count. The winner and still champ – Sheamus.

Match # 5: Jinder Mahal – vs Justin Gabriel. Jinder was able to get
some heat when he made a big production of removing his head gear.
Pleanty of USA chants, which was pretty ironic since both Jinder is
billed as being from India and Justin is billed as South African.
Winner of the match is Justin with a 450 splash.

Match 6: Broadus Clay w/ Funkadactyls and Sin Cara vs Rhodes Scholars
– Big pop for Broadus and Dancers. Monster heat for Rhodes Scholars.
Great chemistry between the Rhodes Scholars. Hope to see them with
the tag titles soon. Winners of the match Broadus and Sin Cara. Sin
Cara pinned Damien with a swantan off the top rope. After the match
they invited a few kids into the ring to dance.

Match 7; CM Punk vs Ryback for the World Title _ Monster pop for
Ryback. Feed Me More chants were deafening. Ryback is over with the
crowd. Out Next is CM Punk. Punk slowly makes hi way to the ring.
Punk confiscates a Feed Me More sign from a fan, then proceeds to eat
the sign while taunting Ryback. Winner of the match is Ryback, after
Punk get’s DQ’d for hitting Ryback with a steel chair. Punk beats
bown Ryback with chair shots, then grabs a mic to tell the fans again
that he is the Best in the World. No, Let me tell you in a language
that you can all understand. I am the best in the world, in his worst
southern accent. Crowd booing loudly. Punk doesn’t notice Ryback is
now back on his feet. Punk turns around to eat a big clothes line.
Ryback gives the gesture to Finish It. Ryback picks Punk up, marches
around the ring, and delivers Shell Shock to Punk. Crowd goes
bananas. The show ends with Ryback standing tall and the crowd again
chanting Feed Me More.

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