With the Royal Rumble approaching quickly, the speculation will continue to increase for who is going to be called up and also who might make an appearance or debut in the match. Nearly two years ago, we saw the debut of AJ Styles, and he has been making an impact ever since.

To add speculation and throw more fuel to the fire, Booker T of all people has commented on Twitter, even claiming the he could be a part of the 2018 Rumble.

Never say never https://t.co/SymxT0ZWAP

— Booker T. Huffman (@BookerT5x) December 23, 2017

Beth Phoenix Comments On Women’s Royal Rumble, Possible Appearance

Beth Phoenix recently appeared on E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness with her husband to discuss the upcoming recently announced women’s Royal Rumble match, if she’d come back, and more. They also confirmed that the match will indeed be a 20 women Royal Rumble.

Her thoughts on the match announcement…

“It’s one of the proudest moments, I think, for any of the girls who have been a part of the division. You go back as far as Mae and Moolah. Just wanting to contribute something to the business that was more than just being a side attraction. The tradition that the women come from, we were kind of just treated as a side show, and the men were considered the main event and the main ticket selling parts of the show. I think every body that competed there knew in their hearts, we can be that too, we can sell the tickets and be the attraction too. And I think this Royal Rumble announcement is a vindication for all the girls that have contributed on every level to have this moment where we are getting awarded another history making match.”

On speculation if she is making an appearance…

“This is by design, exactly what this match is intended to do. It’s to create a buzz around the women and this is exactly what we have all wanted. For the women to become a ticket selling part of the show, not a side attractions, not “there’s the bathroom break”.

On who she thinks might be victorious in the match.

“Oh my god. This is terrible. You really put me on the spot. Some of the favorites aren’t in it because Alexa and Charlotte are champions, so they won’t be in it obviously, because everyone is vying for their titles. Gosh, this is really tough. I would say I really loved Nattie’s promo after the Pay Per View, and I felt like if there ever was an opportunity for Nattie to come out and do something different and just be vicious and really stop worrying about everything. But if I’m on the spot, someone who really has a lot of momentum right now and is really making waves, I gotta go with Paige.”

Check out the complete podcast in the player below:

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