source: www.f4wonline

— Indy women’s wrestler Lacey, 25, has quit the wrestling business and returned to college.

— The DUI arrest of indy women’s wrestler Becky Bayless got some coverage on The Smoking Gun website. They put up her mug shot in their weekly Mug Shot Roundup feature entitled Deer In The Headlights. Regarding her, they wrote, “The alleged drunk driver on page #6 wrestles professionally as “Becky Bayless” and recently won the “Texas Ladies Championship,” whatever that is.” You can see her mug shot on the website at this link. Bayless was arrested for DUI in Tampa, Florida on Thursday, August 21 with a 0.21 blood alcohol level (significantly above the 0.08 legal limit).

— Author Irv Muchnick is working on a book about Chris Benoit’s murder of his wife and son, and suicide, entitled Chris and Nancy: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death. It will be released by ECW Press next year. For Muchnick’s latest investigation on the Benoit case, click here.

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