New Pro Wrestling star recently appeared on the Cultaholic YouTube where he spoke about his future in New Japan and starting his own promotion.

His New Japan Future:

“I don’t know what is left for me to do in the Junior Heavyweight Division, I don’t know what happens in the future but I could do what Liger has done and be an 11 time champion or have the longest reigning defenses but I am a motivated guy and I have always wanted to walk center stage in the Tokyo Dome and to do that in my perspective I need to go into the heavyweight division. There isn’t anyone in that division that can do what I can do so I would love to test myself against them.”

WWE UK Division Destroying Jimmy Havoc:

” Seeing him (Jimmy Havoc) so underappreciated, especially in that promotion (PROGRESS), I feel like me and him made that promotion what it is, we helped it quite a lot. To see his decline when I have gone up, that’s not Jimmy Havoc, that’s James. We did a face to face and I said you guys have destroyed him because of three letters (WWE). I am not saying it’s a bad thing at all, because now PROGRESS has a complete link to that company but I feel like Jimmy Havoc has suffered because of it and seen as he’s the man that got them where they are that’s very disappointing from my side of things.”

Starting His Own Promotion:

“I would like to strip it back, there are aspects of British Wrestling that are starting to grind on me and I do feel like we could learn a lot from the Japanese style of wrestling. I was a huge fan of the All Jpan look, I like the aspect of trying to make it a sport again, I would like to drive home it’s a sport and it’s a fight, I want to portray this is a legitimate sport. There will be legitimate time limits, that is the element we can tell the fans they are working under pressure.”

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