source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE plans on revealing the culprit of Vince McMahon’s “murder” sometime within the next month. Right now the plan is to build up the ratings for an episode of Raw, or to build up the buyrate for next month’s Great American Bash PPV. Considering that they plan on holding another three hour special show in honor of Vince McMahon next week on Raw, the culprit could very well be revealed as early as next Monday.

John Cena has signed an endorsement deal with Gillette. He’s got a commercial deal lined where he pushes Gillette Fusion razors.

WWE bought out 50% of Jim Cornette’s ownership in Ohio Valley Wrestling in a deal that was finalized last Tuesday, thus making Danny Davis the new majority owner of the promotion. Cornette has had nothing to do with the promotion since he joined TNA last June. Considering that the organization wasn’t turning a profit, his stock in the company wasn’t worth keeping. Cornette had been in favor of OVW dropping all affiliation with WWE, but TNA wasn’t willing to spend money on a developmental program. Cornette is happy with the deal, as he got paid 50% of what the company was worth a few years ago, as opposed to what it probably would be worth today. OVW’s deals with WWE and Six Flags are what keep the promotion afloat. Without one or the other, they’d be in a lot of trouble.

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