Sebastian Vettel says he will have a chat with Max Verstappen about the pair’s clash in Suzuka, but he will have it out of the public eye, behind closed doors.

Vettel, whose unsuccessful lunge down the inside of the Red Bull driver at Spoon in Sunday’s race resulted in a contact and a spin for the Ferrari driver, and a likely end to the German driver’s title hopes.

Vettel believed Verstappen did not give enough room as he initiated the high-risk move, but the Dutchman begged to differ, insisting the specific corner does not lend itself to an overtaking maneuver.

The incident, coupled with Verstappen’s early crash at the chicane with Kimi Raikkonen, will encourage Vettel to seek out the 21-year-olf for a private talk.

“He is quick, but it doesn’t help also the way he came back onto the track with Kimi,” said Vettel, when asked about Verstappen’s attitude towards his rivals.

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“I don’t want this to end up as ‘Seb says this, Max says this’. I will talk about it with him when it is the right time, so this way I would prefer.

“But you ask me these questions so I give you my answer.”

The general consensus in the paddock was that Vettel’s move at Spoon was not only overly ambitious, it was also tactically wrong, given that Verstappen was under the sanction of a five-second time penalty, a situation that should have enticed Vettel to exert patience.

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“What do you think about how many times you can afford to wait?” he retorted.

“Obviously I am racing not just him. I am racing also the guys in front ideally.

Max Verstappen (NL), Red Bull Racing. Sebastian Vettel (D), Scuderia Ferrari. Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace.