— In light of the WWE Draft and subsequent Supplemental Draft, The Miz and John Morrison are each headed their separate ways. No decision has been made yet regarding the fate of their popular webshow, The Dirt Sheet. However, WWE.com executives have concluded several possibilities.

Some of their ideas include having Miz and Morrison continue their own versions of the show; the hosts going to battle over control of the show in a “Winner Gets The Dirt Sheet” Match; having them continue the show together every now and then; or letting the show die with a measure of dignity.

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— As reported last week, Dolph Ziggler suffered an apparent collarbone injury in a match with Sim Snuka at the WrestleMania Axxess event mere hours before WrestleMania. It wasn’t his only injury coming out of the match as he was busted open as well, resulting in a noticeable scar above his lip. Click here to see an image of a battered-looking Ziggler at the annual post-WrestleMania party held later that day.

Ziggler is apparently fine as he was able to compete in a match the very next day. He also took part in a match this past Tuesday at the SmackDown taping.

As for Sim Snuka, the day would only get worse as he failed to catch Undertaker in a dive spot at WrestleMania.

— WWE managed to secure six spots in Billboard’s weekly Video Sales – Recreational Sports chart, although they were beaten out for the top two positions. Click here to see the complete chart.

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