WWE superstar Triple H spoke to the New York Post this week to discuss the release of his new movie, The Chaperone. Here are some highlights of what The Game said about:

Being Part of the McMahon Family: “Vince McMahon runs the WWE. I’m married to his daughter seven years. We live in Connecticut with three girls — 4½, 2½ and 6 months … Both McMahons love the grandchildren. Come around all the time. Take them to school. Their house even has sleepovers. “

Linda McMahon In Politics: “I did appearances and campaign rallies for my mother-in-law. She’s [Linda] great and staying politically involved. Lieberman’s not running again so she can try once more in 2012.”

The Toll Wrestling Takes On The Body: I’m 41. Still wrestling. It’s very physical. I’ve had injuries, like torn quads off my biceps and thighs. People believe the sport’s fake and nothing hurts. Listen, it [hurts] when a 350-pound guy jumps on you. Ten years from now I want to be able to pick up my kids.

His Role In WWE & Wrestling In General: “I’m also a WWE executive. I’m a wrestling fan. As a boy I watched it on TV with my father. At 20, I met a guy and the rest is history. Right away you get a flashy trick name so you’re a superhero come to life. Nobody pays $20 to see his next-door neighbor. Wrestling’s made me rich. Very. But everyone’s surprised that a wrestler can be not only talented but also articulate. Listen, we’re theater actors. Bad guy versus good guy. It’s a show. We’re onstage telling a story through our actions.”

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(Source: The New York Post’s Page Six Section)