WWE taped Friday’s episode of SmackDown Tuesday from Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are the full taping results, courtesy of prowrestling.net:

— Cody Rhodes defeated Booker T to retain the Intercontinental Title. Great match back and forth match that went over ten minutes, according to Terrence. Cody went for the BDK but Booker ducked it. Booker went for the Bookend, but Cody elbowed his way out. Book kicked him, hit the axe kick, and went for a cover, but Cody kicked out. Then Book tried for the axe kick again but Cody ducked it and hit a Beautiful Disaster Kick for the win.

— Hornswoggle beat Heath Slater in an over the top rope challenge. Heath beat on him and then sat him on the top rope. Horny slapped him. Heath was about to slam Horny over the top, but Horny grabbed his hair for the win. After the match, Heath beat down Hornswoggle until Justin Gabriel made the save.

— Hunico (w/Camacho) defeated Ted DiBiase. An okay match, according to Terrence. The crowd was not into it until Hunico went for the flying head scissors and Ted hit a reverse face plant. Hunico went to work on Ted’s left arm. The end came with Hunico using a submission pin type move. He trapped Ted’s arms with his legs like a Rings of Saturn, then rolled him over for the pin and crossed his feet. Nice finisher.

— Wade Barrett thee Barrett’s Barrage segment. Barrett said Orton is done and he will win the Royal Rumble while Orton sits at home and watches him. Enter Sheamus. Barrett and Sheamus went face to face. Jinder Mahal came out. They beat on Sheamus. He fought back while Wade hit the Winds of Change He left and then Jinder applied the Camel Clutch.

— Santino Marella defeated Drew McIntyre. Santino became the new assistant to the general manager with the win, while McIntyre’s career on Smackdown is in jeopardy.

— Primo and Epico (w/Rosa Mendes) defeated Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in a non-title match. A good tag match, according to Terrence. The usual high flying from Air Boom. The Colons work well together. Epico got the pin after Evan missed AirBourne.

— Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal was announced for next week’s show.

— Tamina defeated Natalya. The match was one sided and The Warrior Princess picked up the win.

— Daniel Bryan defeated Big Show by DQ in a World Heavyweight Championship match. Mark Henry interfered for the DQ.

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