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*Hulk Hogan introduced the new TNA champion Rob Van Dam, who came out to a big pop. Van Dam cut a promo saying he came to TNA because he knew the company would give him an opportunity. AJ Styles and Ric Flair came out. Styles claimed RVD cheated and must be high if he thinks he’ll be the greatest TNA champion ever. He called RVD a pothead. Styles warned RVD he’ll use his rematch clause when he wants to. Flair then cut a promo about his match with Abyss.

*TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne defeated Tara and Angelina Love in a Three-Way. Tara continued her heel turn, brawling with Love after.

*TNA X-Division champion Kaz defeated Shannon Moore. After a ref bump, Matt Morgan interfered and attacked Moore, which set up the Kaz win. Samoa Joe came out and destroyed Kaz after.

*AJ Styles & Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Hardy in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Hardy had Styles set up on a table and went to the top of the ladder to dive off when the bell rang and Styles and Sting were announced the winners. Jarrett and Sting had battled into the rafters, where Sting pinned Jarrett.

*Pope Dinero comes out with his arm in a sling and wearing an eyepatch. He warns AJ Styles that the Pope hasn’t forgotten about him or the TNA championship. Ken Anderson comes out and insults the crowd and challenges Pope to a match at Sacrifice. Pope backhands him with his good hand. Anderson tries to take out Pope and injure his shoulder but security breaks it up. Good promo work by both.

*TNA Tag Team champion Matt Morgan & Jesse Neal vs. Team 3D ends in a no contest when the Band comes out. 3D and The Band brawl to the back. Morgan chokeslams Neal. Neal is laid out and 3D come out to check on him as Morgan goes to the back, Neal calls out Morgan. Morgan, backstage, refuses but runs into Hulk Hogan, who tells him to go back to the ring. Morgan goes back out and they brawled. Morgan hit a low blow but Shannon Moore made the save. Neal and Morgan shook hands.

*Abyss pinned Ric Flair. Flair was busted open. Flair used brass knucks and got the pin but Earl Hebner saw them and restarted the match. Hogan came out after Abyss scored the pin. He took the Hall of Fame ring off Ric Flair’s hand and said next week, he knows who he is going to give the ring to. He and Abyss celebrate to end Impact.

* VIDEO of RVD’s TNA World Title Win from iMPACT!