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According to The New York Daily News, back in 2015, WWE star Shane McMahon invested a $500,000 stake in the Connecticut-based firm EnviroGrow, which sells modules in states where cannabis, aka marijuana, is legal for recreational and medicinal use.

McMahon’s investment in EnviroGrow was revealed in a lawsuit he filed against the company, in which McMahon claimed the company lied to him about the state of their facility which is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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McMahon furthers that he was told the facility was state-of-the-art, and boasted “around-the-clock growth in a climate-controlled environment that was safe from theft.” When McMahon arrived at the facility to inspect it for himself, he found it to be virtually non-existent.

The Daily News article notes Shane is the son of Linda McMahon, the current head of Donald Trump’s Small Business Administration, but the article was unable to obtain a comment regarding Linda’s stance on the legalization of marijuana.

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