— Scott Hall has been hospitalized for double pneumonia, which affect both lungs. The following message was issued on his behalf by his webmaster on his MySpace account:

“Scott is in the hospital with double pneumonia, has a cough for several weeks.. but just thought I guess he was too damned tough to go to the Dr… anyway.. to all of you that Pray.. remember him in your prayers.. He’s feeling really rough. Recovery is going to take some time.. but he will be back..”

— “Superstar” Billy Graham’s health has greatly worsened as the transplanted liver he received in 2002 has begun to fail, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The WWE Hall of Famer recently underwent a series of tests at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. Results showed an enlarged spleen and high blood pressure, particularly in the portal vein, which often stems from liver disease. Additionally, the former wrestling champion will be returning to the hospital to have the veins in his esophagus examined. When he nearly died in 2002, the veins in his esophagus ruptured (known as esophageal varices). He solely survived due to receiving a liver transplant.

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