(Credit to PWTorch.com for transcribing the interview quotes)

TNA star Samoa Joe was interviewed by TNA’s official website and talked about “dead weight “on the TNA roster. Joe also defended the infamous shoot promo he cut at Turning Point 2007, when he verbally blasted Scott Hall in the middle of the ring for no-showing the event. Joe told TNA interviewer Hermie Sadler:

“It was a statement that needed to be made. This is a company that can’t have a lot of dead weight attached to it. You either come here to work or fight or get down or you don’t come here at all. For the people that I was speaking about, I made it known I wasn’t here to play games and just be a TV star. I’m here for this company to be the very best and for me to be the very best.”

Joe’s admits that his comments were harsh, but he stands by everything he said and said them because he cares about the company’s survival.

“If anything that I said out there you didn’t find to be true, then maybe you don’t need to be here because everything I said out there I still stand by. I apologized for the tone to some people because they may have taken offense, but at the same time, in their heart of hearts, they knew everything I said out there was absolutely true.”

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