He has yet to finalise his F1 plans, but Daniel Ricciardo would relish the opportunity to race alongside Lewis Hamilton in the future.

Ricciardo’s contract with Red Bull Racing expires at the end of this year. The Aussie has vowed to wait until the season gets underway before weighing his options for 2019 however.

Speaking to Racer’s Chris Medland, the 28-year-old said he has no reservations about the identity of his future team mate, regardless of where he’ll be racing next year.

“I’ve never really been too fussed about the type of team mate,” said the Honey Badger.

“People will probably call me a liar for this but I would like a fast team mate. You’re always going to get more out of yourself and it’s going to be more of a true valuation, how good you are, where you stand.

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“I’m in this sport, yes, to win, but to win by being the best, and not getting lucky or whatever. If I win a title I want to know that I was the best guy that year.

“To be the best you have to go against the best. I’ve certainly got a good one alongside me now with Max.

“I would love to go up against Lewis at some point, irrespective of the team situation. Yeah, that would be fun!”

As he ponders his future, Ricciardo insisted Red Bull was giving him breathing space and a period of reflection to reach the all-important decision for 2019.

“I don’t want to treat it like the big dog holding every card, and everyone’s going to listen to me and wait for my call,” he said.

“I spoke briefly with Red Bull since the end of the seaosn and they haven’t given me an ultimatum either, they haven’t put a contract in front of me and said ‘Sign it this week or we’re moving on’.

“They’ve been kind and given me some time, and they understand that I kinda want to say where we are in the first race or two.”

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