Pirelli’s Paul Hembery says that Pirelli is working actively towards improving its wet weather tyre compounds for 2017.

The Italian company is faced with multiple changes for next season following F1’s massive regulation overhaul. In addition to the considerable increase in tyre width, Pirelli is also tacking wet weather starts for 2017.

While starts behind the safety car, like at this year’s British and Brazilian GPs, will still be in order they shall normally be considered ‘reconnaissance’ laps before a proper standing start is ordered.

“Well, they’re much wider, so just to get the water evacuation to [2016] levels, for aquaplaning, has already been a big challenge, which we believe we’ve achieved,” Hembery said.

“It’s an area we need to probably still do some work in, based on what’s changed over the last period of time, the standing starts and more running behind the Safety Car in the rain.”

“If you speak to different people, you get different opinions, if we’re honest. One thing the drivers have said is they don’t want us to touch the Intermediate.

“The main area is to get the performance of the Wet tyre improved, the warm-up, which will take it away from working in the dry, so it’s likely to be a tyre that you want to go off when it dries out.

“But the warm-up of the Wet is the area where we feel we can get the most benefit.”

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