source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Spike TV threw a big company party for TNA a few weeks ago. The party took place on 9/25 after the first two-hour Impact taping. Everyone was drinking champagne and celebrating. Pacman Jones had 500 $1 bills and was making it rain money. Nobody said anything about it, at least to him.

— A few weeks ago, the 9/27 Impact drew a pretty bad rating in the form of a 0.91 figure. On the show, there was a women’s gauntlet match. That match was the highest rated segment on the show as it gained 211,000 viewers over the previous segment. Also, a Sting/Mesias brawl lost 79,000 viewers and a match between Sabin & Shelley vs. Hoyt & Rave lost 53,000 viewers.

— In the Sports section on Comcast Digital, there is a half-hour program promoting this Sunday’s pay-per-view, Bound For Glory. The program features video packages and clips of matches on Impact from the last month or so building up this Sunday’s pay-per-view. One match they’re promoting on the show has since been changed as it shows Judas Mesias in the graphic for the Monster’s Ball match. Due to an injury in Mexico, he is being replaced in the match by Black Reign.

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