sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Tommy Dreamer’s speech on ECW last night saying he will leave WWE if he doesn’t win the ECW Championship by the time his contract expires on June 6th is a shoot being turned into a storyline. Sources say Dreamer could really be leaving in June when his deal expires and this could be the beginning of his storyline exit from the company. While Dreamer said June 6th, the One Night Stand pay-per-view takes place the day after, so it would appear that he was mistaken. In a bit of trivia, should Dreamer end up leaving, he would be the last “ECW Original” to depart from the brand. He is also the last talent remaining from the brand’s June 2006 relaunch.

— Thus far, WWE has released a total of 13 talents/producers. The cut list so far is as follows: D-Lo Brown, Val Venis, Bam Neely, Gavin Spears, Kevin Thorn, Mike Kruel, Ron Simmons, Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Korderas, Tim White, Mike Posey, Kevin Keenan and Mickie Henson.

Reportedly, “several other names” were given from various sources saying they have also been let go, but the names in question have yet to be 100% confirmed.

WWE still has yet to announce the departures of Gavin Spears, Ron Simmons and Mickie Henson as their respective profiles still remain on the company website. Jimmy Korderas’ profile was quietly removed from the website without an announcement regarding his departure from WWE.

— Keith Elliot Greenberg is now working on a biography on WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik. Greenberg wrote the WWE produced books on Fred Blassie and Superstar Billy Graham, as well as Ric Flair, although Flair himself has credited Mark Madden with turning the project around.

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