Major League Wrestling star Jason Cade joined Interactive Wrestling Radio recently to discuss his new found bad attitude, the growth of independent wrestling including and especially MLW, and we even discuss what lessons he took from one of his trainers and former MLW star Norman Smiley. Cade was recently a part of MLW’s War Games event and was involved in a highly critically acclaimed match with his former Team TBD partner Jimmy Yuta on an episode of Fusion. The full interview can be heard at this link, and below are some interview highlights.

On being an MLW Superstar:

“I think superstar is an understatement. I am THE superstar of MLW!”

On the Relationship with MLW and BeIn Sports:

“They’ve been great! They have us all over their social media. They upload us every Saturday so if you missed on Friday, you can turn around and catch us on Saturday on YouTube! They’ve been great having us in for commercials, media stuff, interviews… The relationship with BeIn has been amazing!”

On one of the things he learned from his trainer “Screamin’” Norman Smiley:

“Norman would always tell us a match is not only about yourself. It is two guys working together to make a match good. I’ve always taken that… It is about everybody! It is about making both guys, the ref, and whoever is involved in the show… It is about making everybody look good! Norman has forgotten more than any of us will probably will ever know. He knows how to get out of any hold, anything. He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever gotten to sit down and talk with and be in a ring with.”

On his Team TBD Team with Jimmy Yuta:

“Ugh, yes. I mean, I guess you could call it teamwork. It was just me trying to cover for Jimmy’s mistakes most of the time! If you call that team work! If it wasn’t for Jimmy, we would be Tag Team Champions.”

On his show-steaming match with Jimmy Yuta on MLW Fusion Recently:

“I know what I bring to the table. I had to drag Jimmy along with me like I did when we were tagging. He’s benefitting from being in the ring with me again. But, that’s over now. It is a new day Jason Cade here in MLW. I’ve got a new attitude! A bad attitude, by the way!”

On facing Myron Reid at MLW War Games:

“Myron is a great athlete. I’ve seen him kill it more times than I can count. But, in life, there are Michael’s and there are Tito’s. In Team TBD, I was obviously the Michael and Jimmy was the Tito. At War Games, I’m going to make an example of another Tito in Myron and show why I am the premiere star not just in the Middle Weight Division but in all of MLW!”

On his favorite wrestler of all time:

“Shawn Michaels, to me, is the greatest wrestler of all time. I don’t even know what I would do if I met Shawn Michaels right now.”

On Rhett Giddens:

“Rhett is a friend of mine. If you follow us, we (Team TBD) actually teamed with Rhett against the Stud Stable. I saw in Rhett something I didn’t see in Jimmy – a fire and a hunger to win. Rhett actually listened… Jimmy didn’t listen. So I said to Rhett, if you want to go to the top, you’ve got to follow Jason Cade’s lead. Because, I’m going to the top!”

On a dream opponent in MLW:

“I wrestled Rich Swann one time in like 2015 right before he went to WWE. I haven’t gotten to wrestle him since he’s come back. So, I hope that happens soon. I hope that MLW management is listening. And, if you thought me and Jimmy Yuta stole the whole episode, me and Rich Swann would steal the whole series!”

On MLW doing things differently by having a theme behind each major show like Battle Riot or War Games:

“I think you have to think outside of the box because if everybody does everything the same, it doesn’t stand out. I think MLW does a good job of doing things differently and keeping the product fresh for the fans. Because, pro wrestling is pro wrestling. Whether it is WWE, Impact, Ring of Honor… Whatever. It is all pro wrestling. So, what makes you stand out? I think MLW is standing out from the pack and giving people a fresh perspective, a fresh take on pro wrestling.”

On All In’s success:

“I think it was great. We need stuff like that because it shows you can do it yourself. It should motivate everyone that wasn’t a part of it, and even those that were a part of it… Everyone on the independents should feel a sense of pride in the success of All In because it was not just a success for Cody and the Bucks, it was a success for all of us.”

On the open nature of wrestling where a star could be on MLW and Impact or ROH at the same time:

“That is what the success was of All In. If everyone is working together, everyone wins. Just like Norman Smiley told me with making a match – Two guys working together for the benefit of the match. All these companies working together is going to be better for the whole. It is going to make us all more money and get us all more exposure. I’m al for everyone working together.”

On his interests in “Nerd Culture”:

I’m into video games. I watch wrestling… Comedy specials. I’m a secret fan of Disney. I’m a big basketball fan. If you pay attention to my Twitter, usually during basketball season, it is me complaining about the Knicks! I’m open to a lot of things.”

On performing in front of his NYC hometown crowd at Battle Riot:

“Oh, that was definitely cool to be able to perform in front of my home town crowd. I had some family come by that had never seen me wrestle before. So, that was a great experience. And, the crowd was real hot that night too!”

On future goals in wrestling:

“That’s easy. I want to be not only MLW Middleweight Champion, I want to be MLW Heavyweight Champion! I want to hold every championship for every company that I work for. Because, that’s what the game is about, right? If you’re not winning championships, what are you really doing?”