Mindy Kaling has never been shy about her past relationships—even the ones she’s had onscreen. And during her latest appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the comedienne and actress dished on her best onscreen kisses as well as her real-life relationship with former The Office co-star and fellow writer B.J. Novack.

After a fan sent in the question, “Which of Mindy’s love interests [from The Mindy Project] was the best kisser?” Kaling gave a bit of a surprising answer.

“I think it ties. Seth Rogan is a great kisser—which, like, who knew? He’s such a guy’s guy,” she said. “Who knew he would be such a good kisser?”

“And Anders Holm [who played Mindy’s fiancé on the show] is a good kisser,” she added.

It wouldn’t be a good episode of Watch What Happens Live if host Andy Cohen didn’t bring up a real life ex, so it was no surprise when he asked Kaling about Novak, a former flame. “Oh, I knew you were going to bring up B.J.,” she said shaking her head with a smile.

Cohen asked, “When you stopped dating each other but were working together and playing warring love interests [on The Office], was that incredibly challenging to be exes doing that?”

“For me it was challenging to be in your mid 20s, and I’m such a sentimental person and I take things very hard,” she said with her classic dose of realness. “But that’s the nice thing about long friendships, that was like 12 years ago when that happened so you get over things like that.”

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Kaling went on to reassure viewers that she and Novack are in a good place with each other and that the only fights they had were “creative fights in the writers room.” The duo are even co-authoring a book together; however, don’t hold out for a relationship tell-all. Kaling has made it clear that the book has very little to do with their time as a romantic couple.

“Thanks for asking about the book @bjnovak & I are working on,” she tweeted last year. “It’s not a tell-all, sadly. I can say it’s going to be really funny and cool.”

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No release date has been set for the book yet, so we’ll be waiting patiently until more information is announced, and probably watching Season 5 of The Mindy Project in the meantime.

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