This week on Dirty Laundry, Morning Joe hosts (and real-life couple) Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski take a break from their day jobs to talk about fashion with InStyle’s Laura Brown.

First up, Brzezinski brings in the shirt she was wearing when that now infamous comment by President Donald Trump about her supposed facelift went viral. “This is the shirt I wore on a vacation that we took but we went on the air the day after Trump tweeted about my ‘bleeding from a facelift,’” she tells Brown.

“You went to the White House while bleeding from the face. Just the confidence,” Brown joked.

“Blood was everywhere. You know what? You’ve just got to own it,” Brzezinski added, making light of the incredibly demeaning and sexist comments made by the president earlier this year. Watch the trio discuss the experience above, and watch the full episode on People TV.

While the Morning Joe hosts were away on vacation at the time, they appeared on TV for a 30-minute segment to respond to the controversy. “This is a sign of a much bigger problem for our country than anything about me,” Brzezinski told InStyle in an interview that day.

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Also this week on Dirty Laundry, Scarborough gives his take on “wardrobe staples,” including a L.L. Bean sweater that he wore exclusively for a week on air while rebelling against putting on a suit so early in the morning.

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