Microsoft’s Surface Pro X represents a major transition for the company, showcasing its vision for the future of mobile productivity. Yes, it’s still a Microsoft Surface. Yes, it still runs Windows. But instead of building on traditional laptop technology, it’s adopting innovations from the mobile world, and betting on boosted battery life and always-on connectivity to woo the working Joe on-the-go. Unfortunately, the Surface Pro X drops the ball where it matters, and puts the idea of Microsoft’s commitment to such radical change into question. At least it’s a gorgeous laptop.

Its construction, a sleek and contemporary interpretation of its Surface design language, makes few compromises. The Surface Pro X, in its matte black aluminum, looks downright cool. It retains the iconic (and, depending on how you’re sitting, inconvenient) kickstand that allows it to stand up like your standard laptop, or lay nearly flat, easel-like, for any drawing you’d like to do. Its rear camera shoots in 4K resolution, while its front-facing camera does 1080p, and supports Windows Hello’s facial recognition for password-free logins. Its 13-inch touchscreen display is a delight to stare at, making text, images, and video look crisp.

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