Both Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas and FFF President Noël Le Graët wasted no time in reacting to the surprise election of ex-Marseille president Vincent Labrune as the new president of the LFP, French professional football’s governing body.

Le Graët said: “The majority were not necessarily for him, but that is the system… a bit bizarre.” 

Le Graët was supporting ex-journalist Michel Denisot for the position and explained why: “Because I have known him forever, we have worked together for a long time. But I wish the new president well.”

Aulas added: “he will have to prove himself… it won’t be easy for him. There were a certain number of votes, let’s say, organised in a way for things to occur in a certain way. This is a result that requires a lot of humility and the capacity to convince the undecideds and those who were not necessarily for him.”

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The relationship between Aulas and Labrune is famously poor, with the former announcing that the latter “is a clown” when he was president for Marseille between 2011 and 2016.