With Think Up, Spanish fashion brand Mango is incorporating a new concept into its stores globally. The fashion brand launches a selection of products at extremely affordable prices with the slogan ‘Special prices for creative living’. Customers can choose of over 90 items from among its existing collections. Think Up items will be available from £9, with each garment in the selection indicated with a special label.

This new low-cost fashion campaign is Mango’s solution to the difficult economic climate affecting shoppers around the globe. With this initiative, the retailers aims to promote creativity, ingenuity and the quest for alternative ways forward. It wants to offer its customers a solution so that they can continue to enjoy fashion with optimism.

Of this month Mango will launch the blog mangothinkup.com in English and Spanish, where clients can find information about the selection of products that are part of the Think Up concept, as well as a catalogue that will be delivered to the home of Mango clients. In the blog consumers can find new information daily and take part in forums about current topics such as fashion, events, leisure, art, restaurants, trends and travel, around the Think Up concept.

Image: Mango

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