Former WWE diva/developmental superstar, Lacey Von Erich, was the special guest on this past week’s live edition (02/11/08) of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by Sweet Sunshine Sauces: the official finishing sauce of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio”) — which can be heard in streaming audio every week (hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, Mr. DFL, & Chaz, and heard LIVE at 8PM ET/7PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,, &

The interview with the daughter of the legendary former NWA World Heavyweight Champion & WWE Intercontinental Champion can now be heard for FREE in Real Audio.

February 11th Monday Night Mayhem (streaming audio):

Here are some of the highlights from Lacey’s interview on the show, provided by The Mayhem’s official recapper: Lance from San Jose, CA.

Monday Night Mayhem got ready for Valentine’s Day in style, and delivered a nice present for the wrestling fans around the world — Lacey Von Erich. Lacey thanked The Big Mosh, Blade, & Chaz (The Mayhem’s original co-host w/The Big Mosh) for having her on as part of their month-long celebration of The Mayhem’s sixth-anniversary. Lacey started off speaking about her love of the gorgeous weather in California…in stark contrast to Mosh & Chaz’s seemingly endless bout with the winter chill out in Western New York — the hometown of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.”

Lacey is very excited about her pro-wrestling debut in her home state of Texas on March 21st for the Southwestern Wrestling Organization. Julie Hart & some of the Hart family may be in attendance for this show as well, so she is looking forward to this event on multiple levels. Lacey told The Mayhem Crew that she is determined & focused to rekindle the Von Erich name in the area where it all began for her grandfather — “The Lone Star State.”

The Big Mosh adds in the fact that Lacey’s class radiates among the other women that are trying to break info the wrestling business, and that she has the potential to even be more successful than Brooke & Nick Hogan. Lacey replied with a polite retort, saying that Brooke is one of her closest friends, and that she first met both Nick & Brooke (and their parents, Hulk & Linda) at the age of six at the world-famous Dallas Sportatorium — the home of World Class Championship Wrestling.

Intermingling with countless members of the wrestling business for several years, Lacey admits she did not feel the urge to carry the torch of her family name formally until she was eventually contacted a few short years ago by WWE executive, John Laurinaitis. Lacey obliged his offer, deciding that the prestige & wrestling inclinations of her family should be kept alive. Accepting the deal, she made the decision to stray away from her other endeavors (her marketing business, real estate projects, etc.) and fully dedicate herself for the next ten years or so to the wrestling business.

Mosh then discussed the lineage, prestige, & passion of her family repertoire in the annals of wrestling history, and Lacey concedes that her main objective is to perform under the umbrella of her name in the most classiest & professional manner possible.

Blade, Chaz, & Mosh plugged Lacey’s upcoming WSU event in Manhattan in early March — which features several major female figures in the business, including: TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Awesome Kong,TNA Knockout Angelina Love (Angel Williams), Missy Hyatt, & the returning Dawn Marie. Lacey says that this particular show is going to be excellent for her, as she is going to be working directly with many well-established players. She then compareed & contrasted this with her time in WWE developmental, stating that it is “going to be good to work with others who know what they’re doing,” and chalks this up as a great opportunity/ learning experience.

Mosh switches gears partially, bringing up the fact that World Wrestling Entertainment is making a major change in their developmental structure from Louisville, KY & Ohio Valley Wrestling to down in Tampa, FL. (Lacey was trained in the WWE-supported Florida Championship Wrestling) and asked her about her experience in the developmental phase of her wrestling career. She says that everyone was largely supportive, allotting credit to Dr. Tom Prichard, who made everyone work hard to achieve success.

The success of Right Here Pictures’ “Heroes Of World Class” DVD (re-released by Big Vision Entertainment) & the immense popularity of the WWE-released two-disc “Triumph & Tragedy Of World Class Championship Wrestling DVD set,” has been noticed by thousands of wrestling fans around the world — having the chance to see once again the famous rivalries (such as The Von Erichs/The Freebirds) & the passion that made WCCW stand out on its own. Lacey strongly feels that the WWE did a great job on the portrayal of World Class, and is very glad that her Uncle Kevin had a majority of the final say on the finished product, in conjunction with the WWE’s production department.

The Von Erich name still “gives her chills to this day,” and she reiterates that she intends to conduct her professional wrestling career in accordance with the same non-trashy brand of class & professionalism her predecessors carried. Lacey said that her primary focus is to showcase her actual wrestling side, and not to be labeled as “just another girl showing T&A,” that lacks the in-ring abilities to make a notable impact. Lacey offered a story on how she had gotten herself into trouble with WWE officials at first, by posting an open & public apology on the internet. In her apology, Lacey was duly sorry about her actions & depictions of the Von Erich name (pertaining to her character & actions in her WWE-directed role) and claimed she “was just doing what she was told.” In essence, Lacey feels can bring “old-school” back and mix it with the flair of today’s sexy “divas.”

Lacey’s honor & dedication in furthering her family’s name is her most important objective, and she feels that her natural talent & abilities should be on display, rather than her nice & comely exterior features. Mosh & Chaz added that ability coupled with good looks are important, but Lacey’s desire to be perfect is of paramount importance. The subject of the “lost art” of good wrestling is highlighted by The Mayhem Crew, and they comment that Lacey’s passion & desire to showcase professional wrestling is outstanding — Everyone is very much looking forward to her bright future in the business.

Lacey also invites her fans around the world to check out her official website ( & her official MySpace page (

In Lacey’s first-ever Mayhem appearance, she also gave his uncensored takes & thoughts on working with Nattie Neidhart (and how influential she was in helping her career), her new reality show on Oxygen, her upcoming movie projects, how the wrestling fans out there can score points with that special someone in their life after Valentine’s Day, & a “love connection” established with The Mayhem’s very own Chaz? The newest wrestling couple of 2008? If that be the case…you heard it here first on “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.”

Capper’s Personal Take On The Interview:

One element truly stood out here: passion. Ms. Von Erich’s desire to become a well-recognized figure in the pro-wrestling scene is readily apparent. Her visualization & overall hunger to be a significant player is outstanding. Her story & drive are truly mobilized by her own emotions to be just as earth-shaking in the industry as her family’s. A great listen, as she was candid & forthright.

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