Jesse Ventura was interviewed this week by James Guttman. Ventura is known for “telling it like it is” and this interview was no exception. Ventura spoke about his new book “Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me”, today’s political scene, why he’s not running for president and more. Some highlights:

— Hogan’s Family on Television: “I would never exploit my family to that level.”

— ‘Uncomfortable’ Pictures of Hulk Hogan and Brooke: “He reminds me of a pimp”

— Hillary Clinton as President: “I think she’s qualified to be president, but here’s my rub on it. Are we a dual monarchy?”

— McMahon’s Lack of Courage: “I pitched an entire angle to McMahon for this year’s WrestleMania….I’ll tell the truth to you. After I flew out there and met with him and went back, he never even returned a phone call to say no. I didn’t feel good. I feel like he dissed me and should have at least given me a phone call to say no…I never thought I’d say that Vince McMahon lacks courage. but here, I’ll say it. Vince McMahon lacks courage.”

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