IT ISN’T THAT surprising that Jonah Lomu is turning 40 today – after all, his greatest run in rugby was 20 years ago at the 1995 World Cup.

But what makes his birthday news worrying for some people is that it means that the legendary Playstation game Jonah Lomu Rugby is now… 18 years old!

Take a minute to reflect on your own age….

Anyway, to celebrate Lomu’s birthday, we dug up one of his earliest tries. The All Blacks played Ireland in what was the unstoppable wing’s first ever World Cup match, and it really set the tone for what was a jaw-dropping tournament for him.

First, scrum-half Michael Bradley inexplicably kicks the ball straight into Lomu’s hands, and then Richard Wallace is boshed INTO Brendan Mullins, taking both men out.

It really sums up Lomu in one try.

It is such a pity that illness derailed Lomu’s career, as kidney problems meant his last cap for the All Blacks came at 27 back in 2002.

The remarkable thing about Lomu is that there are plenty of Jonah clones playing rugby today, but what made him so special is that he was basically the only wing of that size back in the 90′s.

Happy birthday, Jonah!

And credit to commenter Rory Clarke for pointing out just how ridiculous Brad Thorn is!

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