— There is said to be a growing resentment of TNA leader Jeff Jarrett within the company. While the ten-time World Heavyweight Champion has his share of defenders, particularly among those he personally hired or had a hand in hiring, a good portion of the locker room is frustrated with his booking.

There is said to be a split amongst members of the company’s office staff. Those who came in as part of Panda Energy when TNA President Dixie Carter bought the company and don’t have ties to the second generation wrestler have grown skeptical of his creative performance.

Despite the problems, Carter remains loyal to Jarrett. While she questions his ideas and butts heads with him at times, she is quick to question negative remarks about him if she feels they are untrue. Internally, the feeling is that if any management changes are made, the creative team would get a pass and other officials would end up cut.

Despite his less than stellar reputation, writer and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vince Russo is not being blamed for the apparent poor booking among those frustrated within the company.

— Video game/lifestyle website recently conducted an interview with backstage TNA announcer Lauren Thompson. Thompson talks about her break in the entertainment industry, her introduction to TNA, what the company offers that other promotions don’t, her favorite wrestler, and more. On what she “geeks out” for, Thompson replied Mortal Kombat.

“I love Mortal Kombat, it’s absolutely my favorite video game,” Thompson told “I’m that annoying person that will do the same move over and over again until I die because I figured out that one button that will do some damage! I also love Tiger Woods golf. I’ll try any video game.”

You can read the interview at the following link.

— Here are some more contestant videos for TNA’s “One Night with ODB” contest, including the video shown on last week’s Impact featuring a fan in a cowboy hat standing in front of a railroad. The winner of the contest will be announced during next month’s much anticipated TNA Destination X pay-per-view, scheduled for March 15, 2009 at the TNA Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. (Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4)

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