The two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not dead. On the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, Israel is implementing an unjust “two-state” solution by making Gaza the Palestinian rump state on 1.76% of historical Palestine. Israel is moving toward permanent annexation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They de-facto control much of the fractured territory already. Israel may “generously” throw in some desert lands near Gaza so that Gazans can have a better airport. This “two-state” solution will give Jews a 60-40% demographic majority in “Israel” and at least for a few generations ensure Jewish electoral domination particularly with a sustained ethnic cleansing program.

The original two-state solution envisioned by the Oslo Accords based on the 1967 borders is dead. Israel has continued to flood Jewish citizens into the West Bank and East Jerusalam and has never agreed to a peace deal along the 1967 borders. Israel only offers unfair 1-to-1 land swaps and will not share Jerusalem.

The delusion of a traditional two-state solution by well-meaning people lives on for a number of historic reasons:

1) Palestinian economic and political elites are dependent on the two-state solution framework in order to maintain what little they gained from the Oslo peace process;

2) Many Israelis and supporters prefer a two-state option precisely because it addresses the demographic fear and allows for maintenance of a majority Jewish Zionist nation-state that they can claim to be a democracy;