(TOMS RIVER, N.J.) — New Jersey has drumsticked up a plan to deal with flocks of wild turkeys that are ruffling some feathers in a Jersey Shore neighborhood. And it doesn’t involve them winding up on dinner plates in two weeks.

The state Department of Environmental Protection will trap scores of turkeys that have descended on a retirement community in Toms River and relocate them.

The move comes as some residents say large flocks of turkeys have invaded the area, pecking at cars, and at some people who venture too close.

“I had a small blow-up pool in my backyard for my grandson; it lasted exactly one day,” said Cindy Lijoi. “They pecked holes in it. It’s been a nuisance and it really needs to be addressed. They peck at people’s cars; you can’t get out the door sometimes because they won’t move.”

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