Organ and tissue transplant organisations are essential to any healthy country in this world. With proper awareness campaigns and effective volunteering, people can be given a new lease of life. In this generation of the world wide web where everyone is texting and posting pictures at the speed of light, we forget to stay in the present moment and appreciate the finer things in life.

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30-year-old Narayanasamy had forgotten how it felt to comb his hair, button his shirt, carry out daily chores when he burnt both his hands in an accident in 2015. He had accidentally touched a high-tension wire at a construction site and both his hands had to be amputated.

Times of India reported that Narayanasamy underwent a 13-hour-surgery and got the first double hand transplant in Tamil Nadu in February. Last Monday, he hit a jackpot when he was also appointed as the ward manager at a government hospital in Dindigul.