Lucha libre sensation Dragon Lee has been on an absolute roll this year, finally capturing the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship at last month’s G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden.

In his first title defense, Lee defeated Bullet Club’s Taiji Ishimori this Friday at NJPW Wrestling Dontaku in one of the best matches of the entire year so far. Following their incredible performance, the champion spoke with members of the press and announced that he plans to face Suzuki-Gun’s El Desperado, naming him as the next challenger to the title.

Dragon Lee’s match with Ishimori wasn’t the only big news coming out of the New Japan junior heavyweight division this weekend. The highly anticipated debut of the mysterious wrestle “X” turned out to be exactly who was expected — Canada’s own El Phantasmo.

In an impressive debut, Phantasmo teamed with Ishimori, as he is now a full-fledged member of the Bullet Club, and actually scored a pinfall victory over Will Ospreay in a tag team match that also featured champion Dragon Lee.

Of course this weekend was just a tease for much, much bigger things to come. The annual Best of the Super Juniors round robin tournament, set to be the biggest in history this year, kicks off on May 13th and will feature everyone we’ve named in this article, plus SIXTEEN more of the best junior heavyweight stars from all around the world.