– WWE Superstar Ziggler continues to joke about “phoning it in” on Twitte, he wrote the following today to plug Thursday’s appearance on FOX Business show Kennedy Nation:

crushing it on #Kennedy with @KennedyNation THURSDAY 8pm @FoxBusiness (don't worry, I only phone it in at my night job) pic.twitter.com/WRxhSn37er

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— Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) September 6, 2017

– Vince McMahon tweeted the following on Nikki Bella joining the cast of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars:

Congratulations to Nikki @BellaTwins for joining @DancingABC this season. She’ll be just as fearless on the dance floor. pic.twitter.com/yl1SX8ytFk

— Vince McMahon (@VinceMcMahon) September 6, 2017