Who knew Kendall Jenner’s Instagram could thrill?

Her Insta feed is known for showcasing her glossy magazine covers and princess red carpet moments, but the model, 22, has recently been peppering her page with a handful of pics that are causing select fans to throw shade in the comments. (Remember when she low-key blurred out Kacey Musgraves’s Golden Hour album cover from a bikini shot? She later defended her Musgraves love—“I die for her!”)

Now people—and InStyle editors alike—are losing it over a topless photo she shared from her bathroom. We know what you’re thinking: A topless KarJenner? Hardly alarming. But then we became privy to the debate raging along in the comments section about the possibility of a Photoshop fail. 

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice what some are calling a fairly obvious blur in the wall to Jenner’s left. “She Photoshopped,” wrote a commenter, “look at the walls behind her.” Apparently, spotting “Photoshop fails” are one of the Kardashian stans’ favorite pastimes, much to Kim’s chagrin.

That being said, there’s tension at InStyle HQ over whether she did or didn’t retouch her pic.

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In one camp, we have folks who believe there was some major FaceTune action. (I, for one, have surely glossed over my skin and puffed down my face in a photo after a night of drinking.)

In the other, there are those that think the “wavy” wall is a trick of shadows. If The Dress taught us anything, it’s that we can’t always trust our eyes. 

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So, here we present the evidence for and against. May you draw your own conclusion.

The “blurry” Calvins: 

Calvin Klein briefs have a distinctive bold, black logo, and for some odd reason, there’s a slightly blurry spot to the left of the branded waistband we see on her pair. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but people tend to use the FaceTune “smooth” tool after they’ve reshaped an image that needs a final touch. Here, the logo appears to look very faded.

Counter point: It’s a shadow.

The “wavy” wall: 

Walls are straight. They’re designed to hold up buildings, to stand tall, to not look like a playground slide. Squint and you’ll notice that the wall directly above Jenner’s thigh, to the left of her stomach, curves in toward her. The gray shadow around it appears to have been given a swift shake of the finger. Anyone who’s used FaceTune knows what I’m saying.

But is it “wavy”? 

A fellow editor held a sheet of paper up to the wall in question and determined that the image, in a shocking twist of events, has not been altered. The straight line on the sheet of paper matches up with the straight line of the wall, she concludes.

The time stamp:

Others have pointed out that Hailey Baldwin posted a photo of a similar nature at the same exact time, hinting at the fact that the two noted BFFs were hanging out together. If so, when would Jenner have had the time to Photoshop? 

Now we leave it for you to decide.