Dabba-Kato made his return to WWE television on night two of WrestleMania 37, aligning with Apollo Crews in Crews’ Intercontinental title win in the Nigerian Drum Fight. 

A PWInsider report states that Dabba-Kato is being repackaged as Commodore Azeez or Commodore Azez. WWE recently filed a trademark for “Commander Azeez.”

Intercontinental Champion Big E had Crews pinned after hitting a Big Ending. Dabba-Kato then appeared and broke up the pinfall. He connected with a chokeslam, then placed Crews on top of Big E for the pinfall and the title change. Dabba-Kato is of Polish and Nigerian descent, explaining the alignment with Crews as he plays a descendant of Nigerian royalty. 

Dabba-Kato was prominently featured on Raw during the late summer of 2020 in Raw Underground segments. He was drafted to the Raw brand in the WWE Draft in October 2020, but had not made an appearance since Raw Underground’s hiatus.  

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Dabba-Kato was part of the WWE Performance Center class of April 2016.He had a career as a professional football player prior to joining WWE, playing in American football leagues in Europe for  nearly a decade. He was a late cut from the Minnesota Vikings in the 2015 NFL preseason. His highest-profile appearance prior to tonight was at the Greatest Royal Rumble in April 2018 under the Babatunde ring name. Additionally, he wrestled for EVOLVE while under WWE contract in 2019.