Cody & Brandi Rhodes recently spoke to Collider Live (via Fightful) about Nyla Rose being transgender. Highlights are below. 
Brandi On Nyla: “I don’t know if we’ve told the real story with Nyla Rose. When we hired Nyla Rose, we did not know she was transgender. We thought she was one of the best wrestlers we ever saw. That was that. It later was revealed to us that she was transgender and that’s great.” 
Brandi On How She Found Out: “Via the internet. I was getting floods of tweets from people of the LGTBQ community saying ‘thank you, thank you.’ And I’m saying, ‘For what?’ Then I found that out. She opened up to me and talked about it, and it was fantastic. However, it’s nothing to do with anything. She’s just a fantastic competitor. Kenny Omega was the one who found her and said, ‘take a look at her.’ None of us knew.” 
Cody added, “There’s no attempt to check a box.” Click Here: